Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The power of knowing your value



I have to admit, when I saw this photo of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on my Tumblr feed, I took notice.  I have seen many photos of AOC in the past, but this particular one was different, to me.   

There is a saying "A picture is worth one thousand words."   This photo is a solid example.   What I see when I look at this photo, I see a person who is extremely self confident.  I see that confidence in her facial expression.  I see it in her stride.    As she walked past that group of young men to her left I get the sense she knows who she is, what she brings to the table and what influence she wields.   This is the essence of self awareness, knowing who you are and what you are capable of.

To say she is an politician gives AOC the short shrift.   She is not just a politician.  She is an extremely confident leader who has tremendous influence on so many people, and she knows it.   She has authenticity - she is a woman of color, from humble background (she was a bartender), went to college, networked, and rose to be the youngest elected person to the U.S. Congress.   And now, she is extending that influence across the country.   She is a clever communicator, who uses the tools relevant to the times she lives in.

I would argue these qualities make her so attractive, to so many, and feared by her opponents.

I admire AOC, and wish my daughters and all young women look up to her as a role model of what you can become.  

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