Saturday, August 1, 2020

My environmentally friendly birthday gift

For my birthday this year, I wished for a French Press coffee maker.  I settled on this model, specifically because one full glass carafe will fill my oversized coffee mugs that I use religiously now while I work from home, full time, until the end of this year.

But more important, I think, is the motivation on WHY I wanted a french press.  It is, after all, more inconvenient to use to make your morning coffee than the device shown behind it, isn't it?   Why go through that inconvenience?

Here is why, in my view.

It is mainly a realization of the environmental impacts of disposable plastics on our environment.   The realization of all those small plastic coffee pods being thrown away in the trash.   I realized that I go through perhaps two a day.   Then I realized how many more people, like me, are doing the same, across the Earth.

Then I look at images, and read articles, such as these.

Sea birds among plastic trash

According to this National Geographic article, published in 2015, nearly every sea bird on Earth consumes plastic waste.

So I wanted to do my part.  I wanted to incrementally decrease the contribution I make to the overall problem.  I wanted to decrease my dirty footprint, and negative impact, on this planet.

And I invite you to consider the same approach.

.. And, have you ever had coffee brewed in a French Press?  Friggin awesome!  The strength, the flavor.  Try it black, no sugar, and savor the taste of the coffee.   Truly a joy, one of life's small pleasures.

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